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Base Wars

A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game · By andy98725


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5.3.3- The Simplex Animation Patch
Not much here! Just more animations, and Armory health 90 -> 70...
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5.3.2- The Research Patch
Rebalanced the research buildings! Now Academy is 40/2 turns, and Armory is 60/3. Redid some of the maps, they're pretty now...
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5.3.1- Carrier Patch
Fixed carrier...
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A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game
5.3.0- The Flavorful Update
Another big one! Redid some network communications Added new units! Added more animations! And even more on the way...
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5.2.0- Colorful Update
The game moves now! Units have animations and are generally more expressive. Only some animations have been added, but more are on the way...
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5.1.3- The Unfinished Patch
Despite its name, this patch has a lot! Universal rebalancing- Most units received about a +1 move and a +1.5 sight. I'm not against these kinds of changes if t...
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5.1.2- Generic Patch
Some bugfixes as usual. Also, Necromancer HP 60 -> 65 (now not 1 shot by Tanks) Spearman cost 30 -> 35 (hey, these guys are kinda good) Mortar hp 80 -> 60 Mort...
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5.1.1- The Chat Update
The previous update was mostly bugfixes, so I included something new for this one! I overhauled the chat system, and added a skip button to the tutorial dialog...
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