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Base Wars

A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game · By andy98725


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5.9.2- The Armory is OP Now Patch
The Armory got too much love last patch! We're taking some of it back now. Bowman range 11 -> 10 Gunman range 10 -> 9 Lanceman move actions 3 -> 2 Guild Leader...
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5.9.1- The Armory Love Patch
Armory's a unique tech route that's felt quite lackluster. Building it gives you the ability to upgrade unit stats, AND has research for the strongest Barracks...
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5.9.0- The Map Room Pre-Update
In preparation for the upcoming Singleplayer Campaign, I've converted the first few Tutorials into the working Campaign room! Don't expect the best graphics fro...
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5.4.3- The Crazy AI Update
The AI felt a bit... stale, so I redid it and made it crazier. Also I redid the rendering engine to have (hopefully) much less lag at times...
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5.4.2- The Maps Update
J-Rex and I went over all of the maps, and we redid a lot! They all feel very refined and fun to play on now :)...
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5.4.1- Helpful Controls Patch
The biggest thing in this patch is a nice Controls popup at the start! Also I optimized movement algorithm and started optimizing AI, so there's that too...
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5.4.0- Resource Tutorial Update
Tutorial 3 is basically complete now! Also I added Resource Terrain sprites, which ended up looking very nice...
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5.3.5- Speedrun Loading Patch
It took ~30 seconds to load animations. Now it's instant!...
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