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Base Wars

A Turn Based, Real Time Strategy Game · By andy98725


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5.10.1- Minigames!
I really liked the CTF format, so I improved it a little bit and threw in some other minigame types...
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5.10.0- The Win Con Update
Win Conditions are here! Before, you only won through destroying Nexus and building Dimensional Rifts. Now, Mapmakers have the tools to customize that. Try a To...
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5.9.2- The Armory is OP Now Patch
The Armory got too much love last patch! We're taking some of it back now. Bowman range 11 -> 10 Gunman range 10 -> 9 Lanceman move actions 3 -> 2 Guild Leader...
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5.9.1- The Armory Love Patch
Armory's a unique tech route that's felt quite lackluster. Building it gives you the ability to upgrade unit stats, AND has research for the strongest Barracks...
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5.9.0- The Map Room Pre-Update
In preparation for the upcoming Singleplayer Campaign, I've converted the first few Tutorials into the working Campaign room! Don't expect the best graphics fro...
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5.4.3- The Crazy AI Update
The AI felt a bit... stale, so I redid it and made it crazier. Also I redid the rendering engine to have (hopefully) much less lag at times...
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5.4.2- The Maps Update
J-Rex and I went over all of the maps, and we redid a lot! They all feel very refined and fun to play on now :)...
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5.4.1- Helpful Controls Patch
The biggest thing in this patch is a nice Controls popup at the start! Also I optimized movement algorithm and started optimizing AI, so there's that too...
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Last post
Zircon is generally regarded as the best competitive map in the game (and also one of the first). It has a lot of depth...
started by DodoBirb May 25, 2019
6 replies
This is going to be a makeshift tutorial until one gets properly implemented. Before this gets finished the best way to...
started by DodoBirb Apr 28, 2019
No replies yet
Moving the 3.0 balance and meta change discussion here
started by DodoBirb Apr 28, 2019
2 replies
There is already kind of a guide (Getting into Base Wars) and that will help you learn how to control the game and use a...
started by DodoBirb Dec 03, 2018 Last page
25 replies
So you've decided you want to try out Base Wars, but you're not sure how. First off, if you're not familiar with the con...
started by andy98725 Dec 30, 2018
No replies yet
Online matches are a great way to play new players and learn new strategies. If you want to find a match, you'll probabl...
started by DodoBirb Dec 03, 2018
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The game can be a bit intimidating initially, so hopefully this guide will help you learn the basics. Once you've got it...
started by andy98725 Oct 16, 2018
3 replies
Currently there's only 2 texture packs, Simplex and Moderno. Simplex is the default, and the one I created. I hired an a...
started by andy98725 Oct 12, 2018
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I've played this game quite a bit and I really like the concept. Judging by the turn-based nature of the game I would im...
started by DodoBirb Sep 22, 2018
2 replies
The build RPS of this game so far seems to be territory control/aggro econ beats defensive econ beats quick military bea...
started by andy98725 Jul 22, 2018
1 reply